Empty Music Industry

Empty Music Industry


1. I’m On  2. Rat Singer  3. Gossip   4. To My Son   5. Living For The Action   6. Safe Song 7. Freedom Comes  8. If I Were You  9. Can’t Be Honest   10. Universal Mother


Released in 2011, Empty Music Industry is the Lp released by The Afterglow under their side-project Adam Frei. Recorded and mixed at Suonovivo Studios in Bergamo (Italy) by Dario Ravelli. Mastered at Nautilus Studios in Milan (Italy) by Antonio Baglio. Produced by Dario Ravelli and Adam Frei. The Lp contains 10 tracks.

Empty Music Industry is the record released under the band’s independent side-project Adam Frei, born to polemicise against major music labels.

Singles airplayed on radios: Rat Singer.

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